COVERAGE: Depends on the absorbency of the substrate: approximately 100 sqft/gallon for two coats over a Plaster substrate; approximately 150 sqft/gallon over a primed drywall substrate. 2lbs will make 1 gallon and 10lbs will make 5 gallons of Limewash

SUBSTRATE: Limestrong Stone, Sand, or Base Plasters – OR – Limestrong Grit + Primer over Drywall. (See Disclaimer)

COLOR: Online Calculators do not provide Pigment Recipes for Limewash; see color-shade recipes here: Limestrong Colors + Pigment Quantities

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    -Chalky Texture
    -Ultra Matte Finish
    -No Sheen
    -Mold + Mildew Resistant
    -100% Natural


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