PACKAGING: Limestrong Marble is packaged dry in 30lb and 2lb bags.  32lb makes 5 gallons of mixed plaster and 2lb makes 1.5 quarts of mixed plaster.

COVERAGE:  One 30lb bag/bucket will cover 500 sqft at 1/32 inch thickness, finish coat (Limestrong Stone basecoat). 2 lb will cover 33 sqft at 1/32 inch thickness, finish coat.

SPECS: Top particle size of -325 mesh.

SHIPPING: Cost per bag includes shipping within the continental U.S. Also available for pickup from select Retailers. Product typically ships in 1-3 days (see detailed shipping info).

SUITABLE SUBSTRATES: Finished level 4+ primed drywall or previously painted drywall (no texture).

**Marble needs to be strained using a fine paint strainer after mixing. The quality and quantity of polish is dependent on timing and applicator technique.


    -No Texture
    -High Sheen or Matte
    -Breathable + Mold Resistant