PACKAGING: Limestrong Tadelakt is packaged in 32lb bags.  One bag makes 5 gallons of plaster.

COVERAGE: Coverage per bag is approximately 100 square feet per bag (wet area use) or 150 square feet (dry area use).

SHIPPING: Cost per bag includes shipping within the continental U.S.  Also available for pickup or delivery from select Retailers. Product typically ships in 2-3 days (see detailed shipping info).

NOTE: Functionally water-repellant Tadelakt surfaces require a high level of skill and techinique, often learned with training and practice. For more information, please read  the Tadelakt PDF Guides, Tadelakt Prep Standards and Disclaimer.

    -No Texture
    -Silky Feel
    -Sheen dependent on Soap and Wax
    -Mold + Mildew Resistant
    -100% Natural + Authentic:
    -Does not contain Acrylics or Cement.



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