We are passionate about what we do and we’re honored when

others take notice. We have so much gratitude.

I fell in love with

I fell in love with lime plaster over a decade ago. The subtle beauty of the natural material coupled with durability makes lime plaster the perfect healthy addition to a wall system. Currently, there are several companies on the market, but they struggle with inconsistent formulas, poor customer service, and material shortages. Limestrong does not have these maladies and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for making a sustainable and beautiful plaster right here in the USA at a cost that both a contractor and client can afford. I will be a client for life.

Jeremy Mistretta
Bozeman, MT

Using Limestrong has helped us

Using Limestrong has helped us to streamline our sales process by having a product we like and a color palette that allows us to do almost anything the client needs. Limestrong has allowed us to standardize our plaster offerings, while still providing unlimited potential for custom options. It’s nice to be able to spec a domestic product on projects, instead of mixing our own or using an imported product. The product is very user friendly and saves time and additional steps when prepping walls.

Frank Wetenkamp
Denver, CO

As a professional plasterer since

As a professional plasterer since 2005, plaster product lines come and go. The support and love for the materials and community from each company also ebbs and flows. I can say without a doubt, Limestrong not only creates quality materials but also provides the product support and community cultivation that is the perfect storm for a natural plaster artisans movement.

Sherri Gamble
Seattle, WA

Limestrong has opened up the

Limestrong has opened up the possibilities of using lime plaster in projects for us by making consistent and easy-to-use products that we can have sent to any location with confidence. We’re so grateful to them for making lime plaster on the road easy for us!

Luren Jenison
Philadelphia, PA

I love Limestrong’s new product

I love Limestrong’s new product line and I am astonished by the care and detail they have put into creating their online Colour Palette and corresponding calculators. Limestrong offers a variety of colour recipes that are pre-formulated and easy to use. Their online calculators allow me to mix tiny amounts for samples or to calculate materials for a complete full scale installation. Thank you Limestrong, you have made my work life easier and more efficient!

Janine Bjornson
Sebastopol, CA

I work with the Marble,

I work with the Marble, Stone and Sand Limestrong plasters to create photography backdrops, and I have been so happy with the texture and versatility I’m able to achieve with them! And as someone who is self-taught, these products are very easy to use, even for the novice – especially with all of the tools and resources they provide. Plus, the owners go out of their way to ensure your satisfaction and/or to answer any questions you may have.  Love using these products and supporting such a great company!

Lauren Mitchell
Chicago, IL

I’ve used a lot of

I’ve used a lot of different plasters over the years and Limestrong is consistently easy (and fun!) to use. It goes on really smoothly and gives you plenty of open time to fine-tune nooks and crannies and finesse the finished look.

Alexis Marshall
Gloucester, MA

As a plaster artisan, like

As a plaster artisan, I am always looking for new mediums. Since I was introduced to Limestrong Plaster finishes, I have found a medium that allows for seemingly endless possibilities. Whether it’s historic work needing a feather finish to blend the old and new or an extremely polished high sheen project, their plaster has become my go to. I love the working time almost as much as I love the finishes I can achieve. Thanks Limestrong for making an product that allows for such vast creative expressions!

Joelle Huntsberry
Winchester, VA

Limestrong has streamlined my work

Limestrong has streamlined my work tremendously by creating easy material acquisition, less prep and application time, and it’s dreamy to work with. I also appreciate the supportive environment being created by the Limestrong team to support plaster artisans like myself to continue to be successful in our work. It really makes a difference. Thank you for your dedication to creating a high-quality product and strong community.

Liz Johndrow
Putney, VT

Having a week-long tadelakt training

Having a week-long tadelakt training for our crew and then hosting a public Limestrong workshop on our site was an amazing learning experience. Ryan’s pleasant and supportive teaching style combined with his depth of knowledge meant that every question we asked received a thoughtful and informative answer. The Limestrong products are a dream to work with, the system is well-conceived, and the color and estimating tools are useful. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Ryan and Liz and are proud to be associated with Limestrong.

Rebecca Tasker
San Diego, CA

Limestrong – What can

Limestrong, what can I say – I love the product line. Between the excellent quality, ease of use, and beautiful end results, all of my clients have been extremely pleased. Most importantly, Ryan has been an incredible source of knowledge on the products and applications. Regarding my questions related to plaster, none can surpass Ryan for his knowledge and passion and supporting my success with Limestrong. Glad I found you!

Brent Middleton
Salt Lake City, UT

For nearly 30 years I’ve

For nearly 30 years I’ve worked with all sorts of building materials. Plaster products have always invoked the most anxiety. There was never clear instructions, poor customer service, and no training. Limestrong has changed the game for everyone. It’s such a simple plaster to apply. I mean, you have to go out of your way to have any of the problems that are so common with other plasters. When you have questions, the customer service is fantastic. I actually enjoy going to work when I get to use Limestrong.Thank You. I won’t use any other lime plaster again.

Errol Towers
New Hampshire

Limestrong has been a strong

Limestrong has been a strong source of education for my plaster work and journey. It wasn’t until I discovered Limestrong that the process of Tadelakt application made sense to me. Thank you Ryan for your generosity of your  time and knowledge. Without your help, I couldn’t have plastered our home.


Robb Torres   
Los Angeles & Joshua Tree, CA

As New Orleans’ premier native

As New Orleans’ premier native decorative arts firm, we have been using lime plaster for decorative and repair applications in the NOLA area for years. In our humid environment, working in both historic and new spaces, lime plaster is critical for both aesthetic beauty and durability. We connected with Limestrong when working with a client and discussing options, including Tadelakt (which was ideal for their project!) We loved the response and the terrific ongoing support. We have, since, used their other plasters on past projects and will, certainly, do so on upcoming projects. Every plaster they offer shows great depth, feel, and beauty as well as being cost-effective, artisan-friendly, and resilient!

Sylvia Thompson-Dias
New Orleans, LA

We have been using lime

We have been using lime plasters for over 15 years and are happy to have found Limestrong, a plaster line that we truly like and respect. Limestrong materials are beautiful, sustainable and so much thought and dedication has been put into the product. I can’t say enough about the customer service that is provided for us, the applicators. It is a complete package and gives us peace of mind. Limestrong has allowed us to showcase something different to our architects and designers, and they are loving it! We can use the line of plasters anywhere from historic to ultra modern projects with ease. Thank you Ryan and the rest of the Limestrong team for pouring your passion into your product and unto us.

Karina Stone
Washington DC Tri-State Area

Limestrong makes an exceptional product

Limestrong makes an exceptional product for use in your home. Their plasters are great to work with and they offer a variety of different finishes. One of my personal favorites is the Tadelakt finish! Limestrong has great customer support. The owners are great people, who I’ve gotten to know and work alongside. I would recommend their material to anyone in the trade.

Sean Platt
Southbury CT

My 30 year career in

My 30 year career in the trowel trades has been challenging and fulfilling. We are constantly growing and learning. I became aware of Limestrong a few years ago. Through a process of investigation and even participation in a Limestrong workshop I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to work with such an amazing product line. The raw and organic nature of these products that Limestrong has embraced and held true to has been refreshing. Not only are these products user friendly but are great for my clients as well. I am excited for continued growth and future use of a forward thinking all natural product line. Thanks Limestrong!

Joe Bennecoff
Traverse City MI

In an industry where attention

In an industry where attention to detail and quality matter so much, Limestrong is a product I fully stand behind. I have used many pre-mixed plaster products over my 15 year career and Limestrong stands above the rest. The sophistication and versatility in the finishes as well as the ease of application are two of many reasons why my sample library and the walls I finish are covered with Limestrong Plaster. In addition, the customer service is unparalleled in their friendliness and knowledge of the material. If you are looking for quality plaster, made in the USA by a plasterer for a plasterer, then look no further.

Eli Orling
Asheville, NC