The craft of plastering is synonymous with a hawk and trowel. Successful plastering requires a few more tools than just the basics, and we’re happy to share all of our high quality favorites. To learn more, click on each  tool image below.


12 inch fiberglass hawk 

12 inch stainless Italian trowel 

9 inch stainless Italian trowel

9 inch stainless Japanese trowel

10 inch stainless pool trowel 

8 inch stainless pool trowel 

14 inch stainless finishing trowel

12 inch stainless finishing trowel 

14 inch stainless finishing trowel.  U.S made 

green sponge float 

rubber float 

11 inch  1/8″ notch trowel 

6 inch flexible stainless knife 

4 inch flexible stainless knife 

3 inch flexible stainless knife 

1  inch flexible stainless knife 

6 inch limewash brush 

24 inch whip for stirring limewash

outside corner tool 

bondo smoothers for tadelakt 


high rpm variable speed drill 

mixing paddle for high rpm drill 

bucket scraper 

cleaning brush 

bucket scoop 

5 gallon strainers for marble, pigment 

large tub for straining marble 

6 bag mixer for serious professionals 


1 pound – 150 pound scale 

1 gram – 5000 gram scale 

.01 gram – 200 gram scale for samples 


split leg apron 

variable spectro 1 color scanner 

abrasive detail pads 

microfiber roller covers for soap application